Course Information
Title: General Horticulture
CRN: 1239701 Course ID: LAT101-U1
Term: Winter term 2012/13 Credits/Hours: 3/3
Instructor: S. JONES
Dates: 1/7/2013 - 3/22/2013 Days: We
Times: 6:00PM - 8:50PM Location: TRC-126
Estimated Tuition: $317.00 Estimated Fees: (see Notes) $12.00
Description: Provides students with an overview of the trades and basic horticultural skills that are involved in those trades. Includes horticultural terms related to the fundamentals of plant life and their effects on the environment. Problem-solving and decision-making skills will be emphasized as well as an integrated plant health approach to establishing and managing plantings.
  • RD30
  • ACCUPLACER Reading Score: 79
  • WR30
  • ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Score: 70
  • Prerequisites: MTH20, RD30 or RD90, and WR30 or WR90 or appropriate placement test scores.
  • The Estimated Fees listed are specifically for this class and do not include general registration fees such as the College Services Fee:
    • $20 for no credit hours
    • $60 for 1 to 5 credit hours
    • $100 for 6 to 11 credit hours
    • $140 for 12 or more credit hours
    or Distance Learning Fee:
    • $10 per credit up to 4 credits
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